What is inside the 'selfie's and compressed word-phrase after the hashtag(#)?

good-looking me + luxury items + beautiful spot

is this what really we are?
is this what our everyday scene is?
well, everyone have ever tried this at least once.

Experience designer Cha Jae satired this phenomenon with ‘#selpee’ project
at Internet Yami-Ichi in Seoul. (held on 29, Aug. 2015, artspace boan 1942)

Surely selfie has its own value - everyday’s refreshing fantasy.
but the problem is that small fantasies violate our real ones.

#selfie is mostly based on our projected desire.
so we fill the frame with fake things and then pretending that they are real.
we make them not for sale but waiting to be consumed. (quasi-sales)

#selpee is based on everyday extraction of real pee.
it directly reflects what we drink / breathe / eat.
- not distorted, not filtered, not fake one.
it is made for sale but not to be consumed.

#selpee is a combination of 2 extracted ones.
one from my body, the other from my everyday story.
so each package has different ingredient, number and story.